We best prepare the best desserts from around the world


When a craving for dessert strikes, you’d better be ready.

We’ve put together a collection of 50 of the best dessert recipes you can find from our favorite food blogs. We’re warning you: these desserts are epic. You will not be able to resist them. So click through the slideshow below

When I created the first cafe, it was not so sweet

Each of our restaurants have their own distinct space within the banking hall, separated by 92 verdite columns and rows of Grade I-listed walnut banking counters. Our menus are refreshed on a weekly basis and those listed here give you a sample of what’s on offer.

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Our restaurant has a huge selection of sweets and drinks

Fine food is best appreciated when paired with fine wine. Restaurant Serenade has carefully assembled an artful collection of wines from around the world.

Our Sommelier works closely with Chef Laird to develop wine pairings for selections on the daily a la carte and chef’s tasting menus to complement your dining experience at Restaurant Serenade.


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